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The Importance of Understanding Debt Discharge

Finding out what debts bankruptcy can discharge is vital when deciding whether to file bankruptcy. Also, if bankruptcy is the right financial remedy for you, realize that some bankruptcy chapters do not discharge certain debts. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you evaluate debt and determine which bankruptcy chapter is appropriate. More debts are dischargeable in… Read More »

Pros and Cons of Joint and Individual Bankruptcy Filing

When filing bankruptcy, couples must decide whether to file an individual bankruptcy or a joint bankruptcy with a spouse.  Give these options considerable thought and discuss them with your bankruptcy lawyer.  Both types of filings have their advantages and disadvantages and state marital property laws also must be considered. The bankruptcy chapter most appropriate for… Read More »

What Does the Creditors’ Meeting Involve?

Knowing what to expect during bankruptcy helps you prepare and participate in a way that can lead to a successful outcome. While your bankruptcy lawyer provides legal guidance, offers explanations, and is at your side throughout the process, a basic understanding of key bankruptcy proceedings can also greatly benefit you. A creditors’ meeting is a… Read More »

How Do Secured and Unsecured Debt Relate to Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcies treat secured and unsecured debt differently and, when working with a bankruptcy lawyer, a basic understanding of what each is and how they relate to bankruptcy is helpful. With secured debt, you own collateral that backs the debt, such as a house, car, or appliance and you make regular payments to the creditor.  Unsecured… Read More »

What Is an Automatic Stay?

One of the most stressful aspects of being in debt is dealing with creditors or collection agencies. Phone calls, letters, and legal actions such as foreclosure, wage garnishment, repossession, and lawsuits are extremely threatening and many people feel intimidated by them. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help protect your rights. The U.S. Bankruptcy Code affords… Read More »

What Is Wage Garnishment?

Wage garnishment is a powerful collection tool for creditors as a way to force you to pay them by taking money directly from your paycheck.  With wage garnishment, creditors get a court order to take your wages straight from your employer. The sheriff presents your employer with papers that order him or her to make… Read More »

10 Ways To Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy

Once you file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it stays on your credit report for a number of years. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to rebuild your credit in that time. In fact, your ability to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy is probably better than it’s ever been. It’s… Read More »

What is the Role of the Trustee?

During the bankruptcy process, you’ll be working very closely with your bankruptcy lawyer. However, another person you’ll meet is your bankruptcy trustee. The main duty of the trustee is to represent all of your creditors collectively and to administer your estate. Early in your case, the trustee will hold a meeting of creditors, during which… Read More »

How Do I Find A Good Bankruptcy Attorney?

Making the decision whether or not to file for bankruptcy isn’t an easy one. You will need a bankruptcy attorney you can trust—one you feel comfortable with and who has the knowledge to walk you through the process with skill and compassion. Look for an attorney who practices bankruptcy and only bankruptcy. You want an… Read More »

Debt Settlement vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Explained

One alternative to bankruptcy is debt settlement. Debt settlement has its pros and cons, and we’ll talk about both in this blog—and why sometimes Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the better answer. With debt settlement, you ask your creditors to accept less than what they’re asking for, effectively canceling a portion of the debt. It… Read More »